Banya Bashi Mosque Sightseeing Sofia

Banya Bashi Mosque, Molla Efendi or Kadi Seyfullah Mosque are all names of the only functioning mosque in Sofia. Once there used to be 70 mosques in Sofia, today though this is the only one left. A Muslim temple, a sightseeing Sofia, the mosque had been initiated and sponsored by the kadi of Sofia at that time. That was Kadi Seyfullah Efendi. The mosque had been built in memory of his dead wife.

sightseeing SofiaUntil the XVIII century centre of the European Ottoman possession was Sofia. Soon it became a big administrative and commercial centre. Many businessmen and travelleres from different regions of the empire visited the city. Sofia developed very quickly. Ottomans estimated the merits of Sofia more than a century later, after Constantine the Great exclaime

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