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You are ready to explore your dreams and travel. Then, it`s time to plan your Bulgaria holiday and benefit from our tour packages Bulgaria.

We are here to take you around a small country with rich history, inspiring nature, mouth-watering cuisine and friendly people. Bulgaria and our private Bulgaria tours are a promise for unique experiences and memories.

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When we took the tourism path, we knew our love to Bulgaria only. It turned out to be enough to make our private tours in Bulgaria for you. We like to make you feel the spirit of ti

Tour Packages Balkan

Bulgaria is part of the Balkan Peninsula and is also marked with its difficult destiny. For that we made tour packages Balkan in different variations. Our wish is to make you breathe the air and feel the atmosphere of this interesting place, the Balkans.

American captain Fox talks about the `complicated Balkans`. We can only blame the position of the peninsula for the Balkan countries` political destiny. Due to Balkans’ central location in Europe and the fact that they served as a bridge towards Asia; Balkans suffer the strong after-effect of every whim that Europe and the world had. Balkans were doomed to stand in the path of the greatest racial movements. The Balkans are full of surprises. They never fail to bring interesting stories.

Balkans are the cradle of ancient civilizations like the He

Treasures of Varna

Hunting the treasures of Varna in Bulgaria tours

Bulgaria Tours Day 1

Bulgaria Tours – a day spent in the city of Varna – the sea capital of Bulgaria, like people know Varna. Varna is the third biggest city in Bulgaria and one of the oldest settlements on these lands. Varna is the place where the oldest gold treasure in the world was found. The treasure dates back
from 4,600 BC to 4,200 BC. This same Varna becomes the home of the biggest and only one of the kind in the world cultural historical; and entertaining and educational museum. The museum opens in the spring of 2019. It is going to be like a time machine. People will be able ‘to travel back’ in time in the different eras; in the development of the human civilisation on the Bulgarian lands.

Varna as one o


As big as 9 million square meters, this vast desert is located at the north of Africa. ‘Sahara’ is an Arabic word meaning ‘desert’. Against popular belief, not all of Sahara is covered with sand. In addition to sand dunes that are called ‘ergs’ and make up one fifth of the desert, there are rocks and taluses. There are even mountains as high as 3 thousand meters.

Situated at the South America, the Amazon Basin is the land around Amazon River. Rain forests grab the most attention in this basin. As long as 6 thousand 400 kilometers, this river is one of worlds longest and this resource is considered as the world’s oxygen source with its rain forests. The forests house thousands of plant and animal species, a number of local communities live in these forests.

Derived from ‘neilos’ (‘river bed’) in Greek River Nile was called as iteru’ (big river’) in Ancient Egypt. World’s longest ri

Travel Bulgaria

A temptation to travel Bulgaria to see the Monastery and its unique architecture

Travel Bulgaria – The Rila Monastery – unity of spirituality, culture and nature…

travel bulgaria rila monestery

The Monastery has a unique architecture and takes about 8800 sq.m. When one looks from outside, it resembles a fortress. Due to its 24-metre stone walls, the Monastery has the shape of an irregular pentagon. Once the visitor travel Bulgaria is in, though, they are impressed by its architecture. Impressive arches and colonnades, covered wooden stairs and carved verandas…

St. Ivan of Rila

The hermit St. Ivan of Rila founded the monastery during the rule of Tsar Peter I. It is normal that the monastery bears the hermit’s name. Actually the hermit lived

At the Well Part 7

Onthe threshold, through the faint light of the early dawn, he noticed a humanfigure.

“Whoare you, there?”

“Itis me, grandpa, Anoka! I want to die. Forgive me, if you can.` Grandpa stopped,swayed, and almost fell.

“Mychild, it is sinful to talk like that. Look at my hair, not even the sheep`swool is whiter.”

Anokagrasped the hem of his cloak which hung down from his shoulders, and kissed it.

“Ihave sinned awfully. I destroyed the harmony of your home. For-give me, forGod`s sake!”

Nothingeasier than to make an old man cry. Tears rolled down his cheeks. He took herhead in both his hands and kissed her.


Shefollowed him into the room.

“Sitdown there.”

Shesat on a stool, and grandpa on the edge of the bed. 

“Shellsome of these beans.”

Remained silent

She did so. Grandpa looked at her with joy. Bo

At the Well Part 6

Slumberover there. Do you want to be punished by God? She said to Petriya.

Themoon was overhead. Everything was so quiet. Anoka`s heart was breaking andsomething was slowly dying within her.

Shecouldn`t go on like this any longer, but what was to be done? Should she returnto her father—what could she tell him?—“Grandpa has ordered everybody to obeymy will.” No, she couldn`t say anything like this. And then, this terriblenight will also have its end, and soon the dawn will break and the sun willshine on all God`s creatures But she, disgraceful person, what shall she do?Could she be more furious than she is? To be quiet—but how? To surrender? No!

Thethoughts played a wild dance in her head, crossing, mingling and intermingling.      

Shefelt very tired. Passions, love, hatred, hunger and thirst all disappeared. Hereyelids were heavy like lead, and still they would not close. She felt so

At the Well Part 5

Thesame evening all the men were sitting around the table, for it was supper time.Radoyka was the only woman among them. The other women had their supper in thekitchen. Two or three women were serving at the table.

Itwas Anoka`s turn to serve.

Twoother women walked in and out with dishes and food. Anoka leaned against thedoor and made faces.

Grandpagave her a terrific look. All were speechless. Radoyka felt all the bloodrushing to her head. Anoka did not even notice it!

Aftersupper everybody made a sign of the cross, waiting for grand-pa`s sign forleaving the room.

Crust of bread

But the old man pushed aside a crust of bread, the spoon, the knife, and the wooden dish. He rested his head on his palm, looked around and fixed his eyes on Anoka.

Shewas on pins and needles, dropped her arms, stretched her strong and beautifulbody, and moved to leave the room.

“Wait,my daughter,” said

At the Well Part 4

Anoka`sfury grew day by day and she invented all kinds of tricks with which to teasethe people in the house. She would chase the dogs into the kitchen, and wouldallow them to eat up the meat in the pot. She would open the faucets of thekegs in the cellar, so the wine would flow out. The bread in the oven alwaysburned if she was to watch it. On working days, for instance, she would put onholiday attire. It became worse and worse. The women couldn`t stand it anylonger. Once, when it was Anoka`s turn to be the redara (housekeeper) she lefthome and went to the fair. Then the sisters-in-law gathered secretly.

“Idon`t know, dear sisters, what great wrong we have committed that we shouldhave to suffer so much.”

“Neitherdo I know.”

“That`sa great punishment and a great misfortune.”

“Godalone can help us.”

“No,it cannot go on like this any more.”

“Letus talk to grandma, and she will tak