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At the Well Part 3

Grandfather`soldest son, Blagoye, Arsen`s father, is the third member of the home council.The rest of the family listens and obeys. The three elders sometimes leave thehouse intentionally, to give the children a chance to play to their heart`sdesire, the women to talk as much as they might please and the men to smokefreely. The moment, however, one of the “big three” steps into the house, everyone becomes quiet and busy.

Grandpa,being an old man, would frequently behave like a child. At times he would losehis temper for the least trifle, then he would rage, scold, and, in hisexcitement, strike at the nearest one. Again, he would be gentle, generous,play with the youngsters, give them coppers. Then again, for no reason in theworld, he would begin to cry: “I am left alone in this world like a witheredtree on a mountain.”

Youthhas its frivolity, old age its senility.

Theday following Arsen`s adventure, Blagoye came to Radoyka

At the Well Part 2

Thatevening Arsen came home in a melancholy mood. Contrary to his habit, he firstwent into the wine cellar and took a stiff drink, the first time he had everdone so. He returned to the yard, sat down on a block of wood where he remainedlong after dark, absorbed by nocturnal sounds. In the kitchen on the hearth,flaming tongues shot out and licked the iron cauldron suspended by chains fromthe ceiling. A newly discovered fire was burning in Arsen`s heart. In thesurrounding darkness he discerned human forms, dogs crossing the yard, oxenreturning from pasture; he heard the trampling of horses in their stalls; herecognized his brother Nenad returning from the city. A hen jumped from themulberry tree, looked round sleepily, and flew to another branch. Already amouse dared to nibble at the block on which Arsen was sitting.

Hefelt dizzy, and became frightened at his heart beats. Suddenly he began tolaugh, stupidly, for no reason at all. As he laughed and cried interm

At the Well Part 1

Laza K. Lazarevich (1851-1890)

Aftercompleting his law studies at Belgrade, Lazarevich received a governmentfellowship in medicine, and in 1872 began studying in Berlin. Seven yearslater, having received his degree, he returned to Belgrade, where he filledimportant official positions in his capacity as physician. He died in Belgradein 1890, probably of tuberculosis. Lazarevich is one of the most gifted andpopular of Serbian writers. His literary works were many and varied. 

Ofhis many stories of the life of his native land, At the Well (first publishedin 1881) is considered one of the finest. It is here published for the firsttime in English. The translation is by I. Altaraz, Ph.D., to whom thanks aredue for permission to use it.

At the Well

Taense clouds of flakes, like white ghosts, are driven by the howling wind and swept in all directions until they hang like tiny white crystals on man`s whiskers and horse`s mane.—Tha

Visit Bulgaria Middle Ages History

A Taste of Medieval Bulgaria

Visit Bulgaria Day 1

visit bulgaria

Visit Bulgaria starts – Sofia – Vidin

Firstly, we welcome you for your visit Bulgaria holiday in the city of Sofia. After that we leave for the town of Vidin, where we will have lunch. In Vidin we will see Baba Vida Fortress – the only fully preserved medieval fortress in Bulgaria that lies on the very bank of the Danube River in the northern end of the beautiful town of Vidin.

Next, for the nature-lovers we can offer a visit to the famous Belogradchik Rocks and Magura Cave. They are both located no more than an hour away from the town.

Overnight in a hotel in Vidin.

Visit Bulgaria Day 2

Kazanlak – the town of the most beautiful among women, the rose

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Holidays Bulgaria – Kazanlak – the town of the most beautiful among women, the rose…

There is something in Kazanlak, which is not only the beautiful nature and the fascinating women. There is something which is in the air, something which is soaked in the soil… Something that explains the specific atmosphere and flavour Kazanlak has. Atmosphere of a place where time stands still but life doesn`t; where one can feel peaceful, calm and safe. And the flavour of the rose, the unique rose.

The Valley of Roses and the Valley of the Thr

Children and Old Folk

Ivan Cankar (18—?—1919)

Cankar was one of the most promising of the younger group of Slovenian writers. He had established a solid reputation as novelist, dramatist, and writer of short stories. His most significant work was produced late in his life. The volume, Dream Visions, from which Children and Old Folk is selected, appeared in 1917.

This story is here published for the first time in English. The translation is by Helen P. Hlacha.

Children and Old Folk

Each night, before they went to bed, the childrenused to chat together. Seating themselves on the ledge of the broad oven, theyuttered whatever came into their minds. Through the dim window the eveningtwilight peered into the room with dream-laden eyes. Out of every corner thesilent shadows drifted upwards, carrying strange stories with them.

They spoke of whatever came to their minds, but to their minds came only pleasant stories of sunlight and warmth interwoven w

Neighbor part 4

Husband! He had never thought of that.Suddenly a cold sweat appeared on his brow. He went out and roamed until dawnaround the quiet, moonlit lake, filled with the reflection of bright starswhich resembled greenish sparkling fireflies.

He was just about to lie down, when a tap,tap, tap sounded on the window pane. His charming neighbor appeared, just likethe dawn, golden and blushing, rose-like and white, in a lace morning gown, herlovely blue eyes still heavy with sleep. She held a little finger to her red,sinful lips, luscious and sanguine, as a sign of silence.

“I found no peace throughout the night,” hewhispered, pale and weary.

“Do not fear. I understand you. Do not fear,Peter; I am true to you alone!”

And only the trembling of a flower from herbreath remained, as Tkalac extended his hungry arms towards the quiet, bloomingwindow, lit by the first rays of the sun, while from above was heard theunpleasant voice of a man, s

Neighbor part 3

“Be righteous, Pero, not being successfulas a soldier. Even be a laborer, but remain honest as all your ancestors. Hereis a revolver which may be of use to you, even for yourself, in case of anyshame you may commit, to yourself or to me. It is better to die honorably thanto live in disgrace.”

And Tkalac found, in the disorder of hisluggage, which was like that of a gipsy`s, a photograph, and although it wasquite dark, a lady, somewhat gray-haired, stepped out of the picture—she wasstill of a girlish build, pale, attractive, dark-eyed, with a permanent, sadsmile—and this foreigner, after two years of dissipation, pressed this dear,lifeless relic to his lips, weeping like a child before going to sleep, greatbig tears; and consoled by the shadow of his dead mother, he fell asleepwithout so much as removing his clothes.

He was abruptly awakened by a tapping on the window. Knowing every emotion except fear, he was greatly surprised and thought he

Veliko Tarnovo – legends and reality

Bulgaria Holidays – Veliko Tarnovo – past and contemporaneousness, legends and reality, rich cultural inheritance and active social life

The town of Veliko Tarnovo is in north central Bulgaria, in the valley of Yantra River. It has a population of around 72 000 people. It is the 15th biggest town in Bulgaria as well. Veliko Tarnovo is also one of the most beautiful towns in the country. Bulgarian and foreign tourists like to visit it a lot on their trips around Bulgaria when travel bulgaria. It`s one of the preferred Bulgaria destinations for good Bulgaria holidays as well.

Veliko Tarnovo is at a distance of 241 km from the capital – Sofia, 228 km from the city of Varna and also 107 km from the town of Ruse.

Often referred to as the `City of the Tsars`, Veliko Tarnovo is the crossing point of generations of Bulgarians.

Balkan Tours 2019

Balkan tours 2019 – Having read books or watched movies about Balkan countries; and thus thinking you know much about them. It is completely different from actually having visited and experienced them. Balkan tours 2019 opens a door for an exciting, relaxing and adventurous journey through some of the most interesting places on the Balkans.

Even if you have already been to that mystique part of the world. Believe us, you still have many things to discover and understand.

Balkan tours 2019; you will be able to visit Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, Romania. Countries, each one of which veiled in mysticism characteristic for the Balkan peninsula only. This is not a fixed tour. It is a tour tailor-made by you, designed by you only.

At first sight, the Balkans look like any other place on the world. But getting to know it better, travelling around, will take you deeper and d