A Breath of Fresh Art on the Danube

Art town Krems and theWachau region are where high-value art meets a of world culture.

Three girls hold one another by the hand, their faces turned inwards and completely concealed by their long black hair. The secretive sculpture by German artist Simon Schubert is part of the current exhibition at the Kunsthalle Krems. Glance upwards for a moment, and you see yourself being watched by nothing but children’s eyes gazing down on visitors from the portraits all around. The exhibition “Of Angels and Rascals” is devoted – as always, with highly interesting cross-references – to children’s portraits spanning four centuries, and ranging from Francisco Ignacio Ruiz dela Iglesia to Maja Vukoje.

The factory used to be where Austria Tabak made its cigarettes, but since the congenial conversion by

Money and Interest

Government Bonds Less Interest

When it comes to government bonds, on the other hand, the returns are less interesting. Mathias Bauer, head of Raiffeisen Capital Management: “Government bonds have long been classified as a safe haven for investment, but corporate papers are now preferable on risk grounds.” This is why Austria’s money experts in general are advising investors to alter their strategies. Franz Witt-Dorring, Head of UBS Austria: “Investors should not commit to any government bonds with a term longer than seven years, since such papers could come under pressure in the next 12 to 24 months.” Erste Bank expert Hollinger went on: “Investors should be reducing the average remaining term of their fixed-interest bonds held in security deposits. They should also consider shifting their fixed-interest securities into floaters.”

Private Banking Manager Ohswald: