Bulgarian civilization values

Bulgarian civilization values

If the objective of a bunch of individuals, united in a nation and arranged in a state, is to be traditionally energetic to be able to be inventive, that group can create a tradition. Tradition, as habits, is the precise job of a nation beneath any circumstances of its existence. It incorporates a divine spark when it teaches love of man.

The values of the Bulgarian civilization, which create the Bulgarian state of the spirit, are rooted firstly within the custom of mutual coexistence. It was growth and established as early as the unique fatherland in Central Asia. It’s the supply of the city way of life, not in facilities of the traditional Greek sort (poleis, which have been all the time victims of separatism), however in centralized, united dynastic nations. Slavery and slave commerce didn’t exist within the urbanized fortified settlements of the Bulgarians.

Man was granted the standing of a free citizen, soldier and proprietor; the rights of ladies have been assured, which is a mark of democracy in society. Archaeological evidences and written sources, referring to Antiquity and the entire medieval interval, to the Ottoman rule, to Bulgarian Revival and the Modem Time, show explicitly that within the cities and villages in any Bulgarian territory there have been individuals of various origin and social standing, who lived, labored and worshipped God as free males.

Bulgarian civilization denounced

The truth that Bulgarian civilization denounced and by no means employed slavery within the early interval of its growth explains the dearth of superb monuments of the Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Roman sort and divulges the nationwide psychology of the

Bulgarians. They’re often called freedom- loving, adamant, secure individuals who defend their neighborhood and state. In battle, they combat for his or her freedom as free males.

From their Eurasian homeland, the Bulgarians introduced a stable custom of spirituality, which harmonizes the divine and the human. This cult of the equilibrium within the Universe and in society materializes within the ritual complicated within the rocks close to the village of Madera, Shumen Area. Madera Horseman continues to be an unsolved image of Bulgarian statehood.

The hypotheses concerning the connection of this monument to the establishments and statehood, to faith and the cult of the horseman, to the calendar and time or, certainly, to all of those, attest its semantic richness. In accordance with newest analysis, the rock picture of Madera Aid will be outlined as a horoscope with parallels in Egypt, Syria and different historic states. A exactly timed monument and occasion are encoded within the reduction composition, that are of grandiose significance to Bulgarian statehood.

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