Bulgarian settlements

The succeeding structural hubs of Bulgarian settlements originated from this center. One of them was situated directly to the south in the region of present day Armenia. The other one was to the north leans of the Caspian Black Sea region, to the north of the central flows of the Volga River, along the valley of the Pechora River, stretching towards the Arctic Ocean. The densely populated Bulgarian area in the Middle Volga basin is dated archaeologically to the mid-8th century. Here are some excerpts from descriptions of those earliest settlements:

“He (Valarshak) came down to the green meadows near the Shara region, which was called Bezlesen or Upper Basean by the ancient people. Later, because of the Bulgarian Vhndur Buigarcolonista who had settled there, it was called after the name of their leader, Vanand…

Caucasus Mountain

In the days of Arshak, there was great turmoil in the range of the great mountain of Caucasus, in the country of the Bulgarians; many of them separated and came to our country and settled under the Kol [Koh] in the fertile land where grain was in abundance for a long time”

From History of Armenia by Movses Horenatsi. Selected Sources on Bulgarian History, Vol. 2, TANGRA Tanagra Publishing House, Sofia, 2004.

Still farther west, four other cultural historical zones have been confirmed. The lands, which the settling Bulgarians turned into their new homeland, are consistent with the distinctive Bulgarian environment in the post Kubrat period of Old Great

Bulgarian Kan Asparuh

Bulgaria, the Bulgarians of Kan Asparuh, the heir of the ancient rulers` dynasty of Dulo, conquered the lands to the south of the Dnepar River and in the east part of the Balkan Peninsula between Lower Danube, the Balkan Range and the Black Sea. They transferred the center of the state to Lower Moesia and established the so-called Danube Bulgaria. It was the one, which made real the most essential achievements during the later development of the Bulgarian civilization.

The large literary source Deeds of St Dimitar Solunski, speaks of the settling of Bulgarians in the region of the “Keramisia Field” (present Bitola Field) in the 670s, i.e. in present day Republic of Macedonia. The Panonian Bulgarians lived and fortified themselves in the plains of present day Hungary, along the Tisa River and in the Carpathian foothills. Bulgarian warriors and their families settled in the Italian Peninsula between the mountains and the sea, to the east of the Apennines and along the Adriatic coast in the region of Benevento. In a short period, they turned the area from a desolate to a blessed land.

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