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Istanbul Religion Tours – The capital of religions…

Istanbul is what it is because it has something from each religion – Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. It has history. Istanbul is culture as well and offers its Istanbul cultural tours. The city is the head quarter of Orthodox Church. Although there are more than 90 Orthodox churches up and running, the population of Orthodox is a little bit more than 5000. Let’s discover all Istanbul is in Istanbul religion tours and walking tours Istanbul.

More than 500 years ago when Catholics got Andalusia back from the Arabs, they were asking everybody to convert to Catholicism. When people said ‘Yes, I convert to Catholicism’, it was not enough for them. They wanted a proof for that. That meant, they had to eat pork. Both Muslim and Jewish refused it. Although Turks were not in control of the west part of the Mediterranean Sea, Sultan Beyazit II sent boats to rescue them. When they arrived, unlike any European country, we settled all the Jewish in the centre of Konstantiniye. That place is called Balat. Later on people started to call that place the Jewish Quarter. Many places are waiting to be visited and explored in the Istanbul religion tours. Speaking of different religions, Ephesus as well awaits your interest. For it played a vital role in the spread of Christianity (Ephesus daily tour).

Turks conquered Istanbul

After Turks conquered Istanbul, it became the centre of Islam. There are more than 3000 mosques in Istanbul. Among them all, Selahattin (it means ‘member of the Royal family of the Ottomans’, and they have a special section for Sultan to pray) Mosques are worth visiting. These are Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet), Suleymaniye, Sehzade Mehmet, Fatih, Beyazid mosques.

What we highly recommend you is, together with the Blue Mosque, you visit Suleymaniye Mosque in your Istanbul religion tours… And to contact me for more information and tours.

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