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Me, Ensar Islamoglu, as a private tour guide answered the Frequently Asked Questions about Istanbul, in the following section. If still you cannot find the question you wonder about, please use the contact page and write to me. Don’t hesitate! You never know, I might put your question with your name on the FAQ page. 🙂

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Local guide Istanbul

Do we need guide Ensar?

Tour guide Ensar – Istanbul is not an ordinary place. It’s a cosmopolitan city that dates centuries back. It survived different rulers, empires. Istanbul hosted many people with all their stories, thoughts, desires… It is...

When was Istanbul settled?

Istanbul daily tours – The earliest-known settlement in the area, which people now know as Istanbul, was probably founded around 1000 BC. Its name was Semistra. Then appeared a small fishing village, named Lygos....

What is the climate in Istanbul?

Istanbul is an amazing city, settled on two continents, millions of people live in this spread out city. Contact me to take you round this huge area with many topographic diversities. That is a prerequisite...

How many people live in Istanbul?

Istanbul daily tour and Istanbul tour guides like to take you to the largest city in Turkey, Istanbul. It is the fifth most crowded city in the world and the largest European city. Istanbul attracts...

What are the older names of Istanbul?

Istanbul day tour – When a mother has her baby, she feels the greatest love ever. She can do anything for that little baby. The most innocent one is to call that baby different...