I Register of the Dignitaries, Both Civil and Military, in the Districts of the West.

The pretorian prefect of Italy.
The pretorian prefect of the Gauls.
The prefect of the city of Rome.
The master of foot in the presence.
The master of horse in the presence.
The master of horse in the Gauls.
The provost of the sacred bedchamber.
The master of the offices.
The quaestor.
The count of the sacred bounties.
The count of the private domains.
The count of the household horse.
The count of the household foot.
The superintendent of the sacred bedchamber,
The chief of the notaries.
The castellan of the sacred palace.

The masters of bureaus:
of memorials; of correspondence; of requests.
The proconsul of Africa.

Six vicars:
of the city of Rome; of Italy; of Africa; of the Spains; of the Seven Provinces; of the Britains.

Six military counts:
of Italy; of Africa; of Tingitania; of the tractus Argentoratensis; of the Britains; of the Saxon shore of Britain.

Thirteen dukes:
of the frontier of Mauritania Caesariensis; of the Tripolitan frontier; of Pannonia prima and ripuarian Noricum; of Pannonia secunda; of ripuarian Valeria; of Raetia prima and secunda; of Sequanica; of the Armorican and Nervican tract; of Belgica secunda; of Germania prima; of Britannia; of Mogontiacensis.

Twenty-two consulars:
of Pannonia;
in Italy eight:
of Venetia and Histria; of Emilia; of Liguria; of Flaminia and Picenum annonarium; of Tuscia and Umbria; of Picenum suburbicarium; of Campania;of Sicilia.

in Africa two:
of Byzacium; of Numidia.

in the Spains three:
of Beatica; of Lusitania; of Callaecia.

in the Gauls six:
of Viennensis; of Lugdunensis prima; of Germania prima; of Germania secunda; of Belgica prima; of Belgica secunda.

in the Britains two:
of Maxima Caesariensis, of Valentia.

Three correctors:
in Italy two:
of Apulia and Calabria; of Lucania and Brittii.

in Pannonia one:
of Savia.

Thirty-one presidents:
in Illyricum four:
of Dalmatia; of Pannonia prima; of Mediterranean Noricum; of ripuarian Noricum,

in Italy seven:
of the Cottiau Alps; of Reetia prima; of Raetia secundum, of Samnium; of Valeria; of Sardinia; of Corsica.

in Africa two
of Mauritania Sitifensis; of Tripolitana.

in the Spains four:
of Tarraconensis; of Carthaginensis; of Tintgjtania; or the Balearic Isles.

in the Gauls eleven:
of the maritime Alps; of the Pennine and Graian Alps of Maxima Sequanortim; of Aquitanica prima; Aquitanica secunda; of Novempopulana; of Narbonensis prima; of Narbonensis secunda; of Lugdunensis secunda; of Lugduneasis tertia; of Lugunensis Senonica.

in the Britains three:
of Britannia prima; of Ezitannia secunda; of Flavia Caesariensis.

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