XXXIX. The Duke of Scythia.

Under the control of the worshipful duke of Scythia:
[Seven squadrons of cavalry.] * Enumeration omitted.


[Eight organizations.] * Enumeration omitted.

Legions of borderers:

[Seven organizations.] * Enumeration omitted.

His staff is as follows:

A chief of staff, who at the end of his term of service pays adoration as a protector,*
Accountants and their assistants,
A custodian,
An assistant,
A receiver of requests, or under-secretary,
Secretaries and other officials.

The duke of Scythia is entitled to five post-warrants in the year.

[*] This ” adoration ” was equivalent to a modern presentation at court. A protector ” was a highly-privileged member of the imperial body-guard. See Bury’s Gibbon, Vol. 11, App. 13. To “adore as protector” was to be admitted either to this body-guard or to a rank equivalent to it in the nicely graded scale of precedence.

XLIII The Consular of Palestine

Under the control of the right honorable* consular of Palestine:
[*] Consulars, correctors, and most presidents were clarissimi, ” right honorable.”

The province of Palestine.

His staff is as follows:
A chief of staff,
A chief deputy,
A custodian,
A chief assistant,
A receiver of taxes,
A keeper of the records,
A receiver of requests, Secretaries and other cohortalini,* who are not allowed to pass to another service without a warrant from the imperial clemency.

All the other consulars have a staff similar to that of the consular of Palestine.

[*] The lower members of staffs of officials of lesser dignity were called cohortalini; those attached to the higher staffs apparitores; these in the.staff; of the great palace functionaries, palatini. The cohortalini formed an hereditary caste from which escape was very difficult.

XLIV. The President of Thebais.

Under the control of the right honorable president of Thebais.

The province of Thebais.

The staff is as follows:
[Precisely as in preceding section.]

All the other presidents have a staff similar to that of the president of Thebais.

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