Bulgarian civilization values

If the goal of a group of people, united in a nation and organized in a state, is to be historically active in order to be creative, that group can create a culture. Culture, as behavior, is the actual task of a nation under any circumstances of its existence. It incorporates a divine spark when it teaches love of man.

The values of the Bulgarian civilization, which create the Bulgarian state of the spirit, are rooted firstly in the tradition of mutual coexistence. It was boom and established as early as the original fatherland in Central Asia. It is the source of the urban way of living, not in centers of the ancient Greek type (poleis, which were always victims of separatism), but in centralized, united dynastic countries. Slavery and slave trade did not exist in the urbanized fortified settlements of the Bulgarians.

Man was granted the status of a free citizen, soldier and owner; the rights of women were guaranteed, which is a mark of democracy in society. Archaeolo