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Private tour Istanbul, Hagia Sophia – a symbol of tolerance and harmony
Is it a Church? A Mosque? A Museum? – private tour istanbul can help get an answer.
One thing is sure, though – it’s a place where religions meet. You can see Islamic art and Christian architecture blend blissfully. Hagia Sophia stands as a symbol of Istanbul throughout time. A symbol of timeless majesty!
Visit Hagia Sophia (as the Greek know it) or Aya Sofia (in Turkish) or St.Sophia, or simply the Church of Holy Wisdom (as they call it in English) and you will find it really enjoyable for all the history, inspiration and beauty it offers.
In answer to the question if Hagia Sophia was a church, a mosque or a museum – it has been in fact all three!
Until the 16th century Istanbul’s most famous monument was the largest enclosed space in the world. For almost a thousand years Hagia Sophia maintained its status as the largest Christian church.