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A lot has been said and written about Istanbul. Still, the city is an endless source of information. It’s definitely worth trying getting to know Istanbul better and better. Private Istanbul tours, as well as Istanbul walking tour, are a perfect opportunity for a beginner-visitor to the city to put the base. Let me tell you, do not think a day or two is enough. These are only to make you feel and understand the need of a longer stay. Since Istanbul offers more and more intriguing facts about itself, you ought to spare more time there in order to grasp everything that interests you.

Istanbul has the capacity to keep everybody entertained. In fact, Turkey itself does that very well. Round tours turkey reveal the beauty of the country, the culture, the people. You travel around  Turkey and you fall deeper in love.

Private Istanbul tours, a little something for everyone

No matter what kind of tourist you are, whether you like cultural tours, travelling for fun, for learning new things, meeting new people or simply shopping, you can find all these in one place. The place is Istanbul. The dragon Istanbul. On one side, is the Byzantium head representing Haghia Sophia, the Cistern, the City Walls and the Hippodrome. On the other side, is the Topkapi Palace, the Dolmabahce Palace, the Blue Mosque. And then, comes the third head – the bazaars of the city.

Hagia Sophia stands as a symbol of Istanbul throughout time. It’s Majesty the church, the mosque, the museum demonstrates a blissful blend of Christian architecture and Islamic art. It’s a place where religions meet.

Being old and carrying the burdens of great empires, Istanbul is full of unusual stories. Such is the story of the Cistern, one of the popular sites in the city. It could store up to 80,000 cu metres of water which was delivered via aqueducts from a reservoir near the Black Sea.

The dramatic spot, the Hippodrome

The favourite place for an afternoon at the chariot places, the Hippodrome has been the centre for many political dramas. It was a special place for 1000 years for Byzantium and another 400 years for the Ottomans.

Then, the palaces. No, definitely I haven’t forgotten about them. How could anyone!? These are places that hide different sad, happy, mad stories of sultans and the people around them. Topkapi Palace was certainly quite different from the European palaces. As it didn’t have a strict master plan, the palace ended being with ”irregular, asymmetric, non-axial, and unmonumental proportions”. Over the centuries, sultans were changing and adding elements and structure so today we can enjoy an unusual building.

On the other hand, Dolmabahce Palace is very different from Topkapi Palace. It is very European and grand. The palace is part of the modernization attempt of the Royal family in architectural terms.

The bazaars

In ancient times, Ephesus (Ephesus tours) was one of the biggest cities in the world. Due to its port trade and idol trade of Artemis, the city flourished and was an important trade centre. Shopping is something that will always be attractive to people. Turkey and Turkish people know it very well and they have their traditions, which started back then.

The Grand Bazaar and the Spice Market are symbolic for Istanbul. The Grand Bazaar – the perfect jewel for Istanbul, the Spice Market – a world of spices and smells. Without these, private Istanbul tours won’t be completed.

Jump into that endless source of information and entertainment called Istanbul and enjoy it to the fullest.

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